Top 5 Best Car Maintenance Tips

If you have purchased a car, then you surely want to keep it functional and good-looking in the long haul. In addition to the regular check-ups and small repairs that must be conducted precisely as scheduled in the car’s users manual, it is also very important for the driver to perform some small yet vital maintenance tasks that are important for the car’s long-term condition. Here are five of the most important car maintenance tips that you need to consider:
1. Change The Coolant Once A Year
One of the most important car maintenance tips that you need to consider is flushing the cooling system of your vehicle, along with changing the coolant at least once a year. As the name suggests, the cooling system is responsible with keeping your vehicle cool and fully functional, especially during the hot summer months, this is precisely why it should enjoy all of your attention.

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2. Change The Oil On A Regular Basis
If you have read your car’s owner manual, you surely know that most brands and manufacturers recommend car owners to change the car’s oil every 5,000 to 10,000 miles, in order to ensure optimal performance. Do not exceed the 10,000 miles limit, as this is very important both for the correct functioning of the car and for your safety – and the safety of your passengers.
3. Make Sure The Movable Parts Are Properly Lubricated
One of the thumb rules in terms of car maintenance is making sure that all the movable parts of your car are properly lubricated, in order to function correctly. That being said, make sure to carefully grease all the ball joints at least once a year, and you should encounter no problem.
4. Replace The Break Fluid Yearly
The break fluid is of paramount importance for your safety – if there is any leak, this can put your life in jeopardy. At the same time, it is important to mention that break fluid is known to attract moisture which, in turn, will make the adjacent car parts more susceptible to corrosion. This is why it must be replaced once every 12 months.
5. Keep Your Car Clean
Last, but not least, your car must be clean and fully functional both inside and out, this is why most car repair professionals recommend car drivers to thoroughly clean their vehicles – especially during the winter time, when road grime and winter salt tends to get stuck on the car and to slowly damage the paint job.

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